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We the Undersigned

We the undersigned, members of the MILANA M.R.A.D.C. ALUMNI formed the association with the following objective as follows

  1. To provide forum for the alumni of the institute i.e to bring all the student of M.R.A.D.C. under one forum for the exchange of knowledge and dissemination of knowledge and talents amongst its members and also for the furtherance of fellowship , promotion and advancement of scientific knowledge in general of the dental professional
  2. To engage in such academic and social act ivies as shall contribute towards promoting lesion between the alumni and institute
  3. To keep alive love , spirit affection and of gratitude for our alma mater
  4. To raise or collect fund by subscriptions , contributions , donations , loans or by any other legal ,means for furtherance of the above objective of the association
  5. To conduct seminar s , conference , workshops and meetings of dental professionals and dental faculties for the purpose of promotion of medical/ dental knowledge an skills
  6. To represent and participate in seminars , conferences , workshop , meetings conducted by various dental professional associations medical associations , establishments and to seek recognition in various forum of state and central govt. , quasi govt., organization , private and other autonomous bodies with a view to contribute to the furtherance of the objectives o9f the associations
  7. To advice and interact with state and central govt. bodies, universities, professional associations and association of pharmaceutical association and dental equipment manufacturing industries and marketing agencies on matter relating to promotion of dental education and training hospital management and dental health care system
  8. To create and establish endowment for granting scholarship and prizes to student of M.R.A.D.C. Bangalore with a view to promote and encourage talented dental student
  9. To protect the right and interest of the member of the association and to do all such as, deed and things as may be incidental , conducive to or necessary for the furtherance of their the above objective We the undersigned members do hereby state and declare that the association is formed with the aforesaid objective which is within the ambit of section 3 of karnataka society 

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