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Library & Information Centre


The base for the library, the knowledge of Mathru Sree Ramabai Ambedkar Dental college has laid by Aanda social education trust, with dynamic changes towards positive fruition as the college library and its service is enhanced by its extensions in the faculty of dentistry.  

The Library & Information Centre was started during the inception of the institution in the year 1987.  At the same time, the centre developed with the college in its scope, collection and services, digital facilities were given more importance in the development of the Library and Information Centre. 

The very purpose of our library is to integrate the information support system with the educational activities in all possible ways and to lead forward to the expectation of the academic community of the college and also those who resort to our library resources from other academic institution.

The collection of books and journals has been developed in phases alongwith the teaching curriculum, students and faculties strength and the clinical facilities.  The collection started with 11 crores of journals (majority of which are International Journals) and 85 text books, reference books, recent and advanced year books.  The periodical collection includes Dental Index Literature


Communication studies addresses the ways in which words, images, gestures, and symbols reflect and affect human behavior. At Estuidar University, we explore the many ways that communication can be used — and sometimes abused — to effect change in culture, law, politics, business, and every other realm in which people express themselves.

One day in class, your professor might show a social media post from a politician or celebrity. You and your classmates analyze, critique, and discuss that post from different angles, such as its medium, its message, its meanings both expressed and implied, the credibility of the messenger, and the cultural impact of the message. Then you write your own social-media post in response.

Working hours:

The Library functions between 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on all working days.  During the time of examination the library is open on general / public holidays. 

The collection strength of the Library:

Total No. of Books: 7658

Gifted Books: 124

SC/ST Book Bank:

Bound volumes of Periodicals:3179

Number of Periodical Titles subscribed: 53 Foreign , 24.Indian

The budget of the Library includes books, periodicals, indexing journals, bibliography, databases, internet connection and time to time upgrading of the information technology and infrastructure.

The Library is located at the Third floor of the college and hospital building and is separated into an Under Graduate reference section and Post Graduate reference & periodicals section.  Also included is a Library office and a Audio-Visual Room (with …. Tape cassettes and 106 subjects CDs) with a computer section, Reprographic facilities are also provided in the Library.  The total area of the library is 11200 sq.ft.

The Library is equipped with computers, printers, scanners alongwith internet access.  The in-house Library automation software has been developed and is used for cataloging of books and journals.  Barcoding facilities has also been introduced.

User strength:


Post Graduates:105

Under Graduates:500

Technical Staff:06

Administrative staff:150


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