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Geriatric Management

COURSE TITLE : Geriatric management course



The curriculum is designed to prepare students to work in the area of geriatric dentistry. The program consists of a series of didactic courses where the students will gain in-depth knowledge about older adults from a variety of perspectives that will include learning about the aging process and how it affects and is affected by social, behavioural and health factors commonly seen with aging.

Course will focus on the most common medical and oral health conditions seen in older adults including geriatric medical management issues (medical risk assessment; dementia care, etc.) oral effects of drug therapy, medication management, and avoiding drug-related complications treatment planning principles and strategies management of common ethical and legal issues (informed consent, advanced directives, etc.) recognition and management of potential elder abuse and neglect root caries management preventive dental care for older adults patient management tips to improve access to care and patient comfort and communications managing difficult patient behaviours safe patient transfer techniques communication and documentation systems (electronic and paper) designing and implementing dental programs for long-term care facilities and residents:

o understanding the long-term care system and settings

o state and federal dental regulations in long-term care

o long-term care administration and staffing

o designing an effective dental program (staffing, clinical delivery models and equipment)

o contracts and financial management

o quality assurance and program evaluation

o integration of long-term care into private practice

o writing effective nursing home orders

o preventive care issues and staff inservice training

o effective interaction with long-term care administrators, medical directors, and nursing staff


 History taking and systems review.

 Clinical examination ,Diagnostic testing, imaging discussion, differential diagnosis.

 Case discussion dental restorative materials and treatment as well as practice management and dental care delivery for elderly.

Course Director; Dr. Shruthi C S, Professor & HOD

Course Instructor;

 Objective;

 To improve mastication ability

 To obtained esthetics

 Allow good speech

 Over all health of the oral cavity and general health

 Also guide and monitor about nutrition

Learning Outcome;

 Have an understanding and awareness of the aging process  and make a treatment plan according to such considerations and in their assessments of all patients.

 Have knowledge of processes related to dental caries, tooth wear and discoloration of tooth substance, and how these manifest in the oral cavity in both healthy and ailing elderly people.

 Carry out diagnosis, prevention, treatment and follow-up of caries, tooth wear and discoloration of tooth substance in agreement with the expectations, needs and physical and mental conditions of elderly patients.

 Understand social, cultural and age-related aspects that may affect the occurrence and development of oral diseases and injuries in the oral cavity in both healthy and ill elderly people.

 Be  confident when treating elderly individuals with reduced physical and/or mental disabilities.

 Be confident when communicating with and providing oral health care for patients with dementia.

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