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Dr. Sanober Khan

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Sanober Khan completed her graduation from M.R. Ambedkar Dental College and Hospital and Post graduation from M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied sciences, Bangalore. She is a member of the Indian Prosthodontic Society. Her areas of interest include Biomaterial research, Maxillofacial Prostheses and Implant dentistry.


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  2. A Customised Brachytherapy Radiation Carrier for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Tongue: A Case Report. Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research. 2020 Apr 1;14(4).
  3. A Economical Technique to Fabricate a Tooth Supported Stud Attachment by Duplicating Implant Ball Attachment.
  4. .Contempory Concept and Techniques of Teaching Posterior Patalat Seal among Dental Colleges Of Karnataka- A Cross secetional Survey. Sept 2020. Vol 14(9)
  5. Comparison of fluconazole and tea tree oil hydrogels designed for oral candidiasis: An invitro study. InAIP Conference Proceedings 2020 Oct 5 (Vol. 2274, No. 1, p. 050004).AIP Publishing LLC.
  6. Assessment of the effectiveness and biocompatibility of hydrogel patch incorporated with drug on denture induced traumatic ulcers. InAIP Conference Proceedings 2020 Oct 5 (Vol. 2274, No. 1, p. 050005).AIP Publishing LLC.
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