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Dr. Rajalakshmi S

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Rajalakshmi S completed her graduation from Manipal College of Dental Science, Mangalore and Post graduation from A. B. Shetty Memorial Dental Sciences, Mangalore. She underwent training in Implant Prosthodontics from Nitte University (affiliated to Frankfurt University). Her areas of academic interest include Esthetics and Innovations in Prosthodontics.


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  2. Philosophies in Full Mouth Rehabilitation- A systematic review. International Journal of Dental Case Reports.vol .3,no .3, 30-39.

  3. Comparison of Marginal Gap and Microleakage in Copy- Milled and Cad- Milled Zirconia Copings Bonded using Light Cure and Chemical Cure Resin Bonding Systems. Journal of Indian ProsthodonticSociety.vol .14, no .1, 37-45.

  4. ‘Be aware or Beware! Awareness of COPRA’.Journal of India Association of Public Health Dentistry, 13.

  5. Occlusion Indicating Materials : an insight.2020. International Journal of Dental Sciences and Innovative research.Vol 3(1)236-40.


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